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Your light in Technology with Electricity!!!

Domestic Services

Gella Electrolex does not forget your primary place of abode, your homes. Our expertise expand to the comfort of your home for you to have a peace of mind electrical installations, wiring and security.

Wiring and Rewiring
We make and implement the best design of wiring that suites the right structure and purpose. By presenting to you a wide range of alternatives, we make it easier on you by giving you room to choose. We are also able to do a comprehensive assessment of old wiring and define the best way to solve problems related to wiring either by selective rewiring or a complete rewiring.

Domestic Installation
By giving us specifications we ensure the installations are done rightly. Capable of installing all electrically related domestic machines and gadgets, we provide you with the fastest solution when you talk about installation. With experienced personnel in installations we install gadgets like fire alarms, Air conditioners, Photo electric lights, Water heaters, float switches, Sockets to mention but a few.

Technological Security
With the world growing in technology we of Gella intend to help you grow with it. We are capable of providing the latest security systems such os CCTV, Surveillance Cameros, Motion Detectors, Burglar alarms. These technological systems work only well when they are installed well and we are here to give you just that.